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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that believes in the unique superpower of individuals and the collective impact they have in making the world a better place for ALL. 

Cristina's Academy uses education to unite, restore, and empower communities.  Our programs are designed to address the different dimensions of youth/child development to ensure ALL community members have a chance for success.

What We Do

Our U-Matter Communities adds value to existing community institutions in underserved communities by bringing the healing power of music. #rhythmicrevolution 

Our U-Matter Schools provide support to public schools located in underserved neighborhoods. Through collaboration with local organizations, we develop high-impact solutions for our most vulnerable community members. 

Our U-Matter Agents is a community of youth and community leaders/mentors that informs, improves, and encourages the well-being of our young community members. U-Matter focuses on the different areas of self-care and its effects on people's overall well-being. 

All of these initiatives are made possible by the driving force of our hero volunteers.  Our Agents of Change program focuses on identifying the unique gifts and talents of our volunteers and develops them into superpowers that make the world a better place. The Agents of Change engage in various service projects, our most consistent project is our Agents of Change FREE Tutoring.


Our Agents of Change tutors follow the "Heart, Mindset & Academic" framework. Their priority is to address the child's emotional needs, then explicitly develop a growth & benefit mindset, while teaching the academic skills needed to succeed in school.


 board directors

Our Advisory Board Members is a diverse group of community leaders that have come together with one goal in mind, empower the children of today to be the heroes of tomorrow.

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